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The e-Sense Slovakia as our company was being born in our minds for a longer period of time. We met when participating in Formula Student electric project. Looking back in the days one can deeply understand the importance of such projects.

"They attract those individuals, to whom the average is nothing but excuse and are willing to fight for their success and chase the perfectionin every aspect of living."


e-Sense Slovakia s.r.o.

"When you learn how to properly build the race car when you are 25, what will be your next challenge?"


We did not find the better way how to realize our dreams, than establishing our company e-Sense Slovakia and to squeeze huge hidden potential of Slovak engineers to the very last drop.

6 Co-Founders

Ján Mészáros

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Peter Benkovský

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Jozef Pavelka

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Viktor Gaďo

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Andrej Špánik

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the Beginnings

Very first year of the company existence is gone. Without any doubt, it was the shortest, fastest and the most exciting year in our lives. Every day brings new stories, challenges, customers - future partners and many more.

" All customers of e-Sense Slovakia found us and cooperate with us by mount to mouth reference. This is gratifying but binding and has many pros. But this forces us to find solutions, spend our creative potential, energy and build additional value for our customers, but defocus us on e-Sense Slovakia own product line. "

We realized, that doing business is not as easy as we thought in the beginnings, but if you follow your 6th sense you cannot fail. One would not believe, how big the demand for engineering services and one-off technical solutions there is on the marker. Up to date we did not put any effort into marketing our services.


As we reached our personal limits almost in the very first months of existence, we were forced to widen our team of co-workers. We hired very talented and gifted individuals, recent graduates and fellows of e-Sense Slovakia.

Say HELLO to our team

Ján Mészáros production expert
Peter Benkovský automation master
Jozef Pavelka electrical genius
Viktor Gaďo CAD guru
Andrej Špánik project navigator
Michal Mészáros gifted craftsman
Ján Janočko IT specialist
Poľná 4
903 01 Senec (areál Montostroj)
SLOVAKIA, European union
m: +421 907 105 230
(Ján Mészáros)
Company details
IČO 47 190 698
IČ DPH SK2023791374

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